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Improve muscle imbalances, decrease the risk of injury, increase mobility, feel and live better.


Corrective Exercises

The implementation of corrective exercises can help reduce the risk of injury while also helping you to move, feel and live better.

I will help you better identify your movement compensations, where you may be weak or strong, and design an effective and efficient programme bespoke to you.

This may be a combination of resistance, core strength, proprioception and stretching/flexibility.

Resistance exercise usually will involve weight training or using an exercise band.

Core stability refers to a person’s ability to stabilise their core – in other words, the ability to control the position and movement of the core.

Strengthening core muscles improves back pain and prevents the recurrence of injury.Get in touch with the Corrective Exercise Specialist at Vauxhall and Colliers Wood now.

The exercise programmes are designed to strengthen and re-train your body safely, while rebalancing you, and addressing any weakness or issues present. This not only succeeds by preventing injury from re-occurring, but also helps promote musculo-skeletal strength for your future.

This is significant if you are a little older as it will not only protect you but also help to minimise any arthritic symptoms possibly in your future, and can be done at any stage in your life.

Exercises can improve bone density as well as reduce pain from chronic conditions.

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